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New Orleans
New England

Exhibition Week 4, 2052

played in New England, MA

78 degrees, fair, 8 mph wind

New Orleans Saints3370-13
New England Patriots101437-34

Scoring Summary
1Q: 10:59 NOS - O.J. Thomas 47 field goal
1Q: 07:17 NED - Mitchell Webster 16 pass from Diego Barnes (Russell Strickland extra point)
1Q: 03:49 NED - Russell Strickland 39 field goal
2Q: 13:38 NOS - O.J. Thomas 48 field goal
2Q: 09:23 NED - Arnold Reid 7 run (Russell Strickland extra point)
2Q: 01:33 NED - Garrett Resnick 12 pass from Arnold Reid (Russell Strickland extra point)
3Q: 10:10 NED - Russell Strickland 47 field goal
3Q: 04:18 NOS - Francisco Long 12 run (O.J. Thomas extra point)
4Q: 13:53 NED - Gino Clark 4 pass from Arnold Reid (Russell Strickland extra point)

Team StatisticsNOSNED
First Downs1523
- by Rushing610
- by Passing812
- by Penalty11
Total Net Yards243372
- Offensive Plays6573
- Yards per Play3.745.10
Net Rushing Yards90136
- Rushing Attempts2135
- Yards per Rush4.293.89
Net Passing Yards153236
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt41 - 22 - 038 - 23 - 1
- Gross Passing Yards180236
- Sacks/Yards Lost3/270/0
- Yards per Pass Play3.486.21
3rd Down Conversions4/157/16
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.76.7
4th Down Conversions0/20/0
Punt Returns/Yards5/244/60
Kick Returns/Yards4/1063/69
Interception Ret./Yards1/150/0
2pt Conversions0/00/0
Red Zone Visits35
- Red Zone TDs/FGs1/04/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 34OWN 29
Time of Possession26:2033:40

Drive Charts

New Orleans Saints
115:004:06OWN 25945Field Goal
17:101:42OWN 292-2Fumble
13:431:33OWN 464-29Punt
214:391:09OPP 3837Field Goal
29:151:32OWN 2536Punt
25:150:29OWN 2930Punt
23:150:50OWN 203-5Punt
21:240:43OWN 2532Punt
310:045:56OWN 311269Touchdown
31:140:56OWN 2734Punt
413:432:17OWN 32421Punt
49:512:53OWN 45945Downs
43:061:42OWN 37660Downs
40:440:44OPP 45211Game
New England Patriots
110:543:44OWN 23777Touchdown
15:281:45OPP 2735Field Goal
12:102:31OWN 21722Interception
213:304:15OWN 34966Touchdown
27:432:28OWN 7731Punt
24:461:31OWN 30519Punt
20:410:41OWN 282-4Half
315:004:56OWN 25945Field Goal
34:082:54OWN 383-3Punt
30:181:35OPP 35535Touchdown
411:261:35OWN 332Punt
46:583:52OWN 1059Punt
41:240:40OWN 338Punt

Game MVP: Arnold Reid, New England Patriots

Rushing Statistics

New OrleansAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Francisco Long9404.441631
Juan Brandon4287.001410
Miles Humphries362.00800
Ralph Maxwell3196.331010
Earnest Koslosky1-2-2.00-200
Nicky Ruth1-1-1.00-100
New EnglandAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Gino Clark22873.951230
Gabe Andrews8344.251830
Arnold Reid284.00701
Diego Sutherland273.50600
Garrett Resnick100.00000

Passing Statistics

New OrleansAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Juan Brandon21151202/23026085.4
Miles Humphries207601/4017043.8
New EnglandAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Arnold Reid32191840/0226096.3
Diego Barnes64520/0119193.7

Receiving Statistics

New OrleansCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
RB Francisco Long79649.1439200
WR Tommy Arnold3462.00130
WR Sherman McDougall34144.67080
TE Blake Costa23199.500140
WR Earnest Koslosky29178.50790
WR Nicky Ruth273115.5027260
TE Doug Finneran111313.000130
TE Ethan McDonald131010.000100
RB Cameron Starks1166.00060
New EnglandCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Mitchell Webster68599.8310161
TE Jerry Ellard454110.250260
RB Gino Clark35196.330111
WR Ruben Ogden355518.334260
WR Garrett Resnick243115.5016191
WR Denzel Humphrey1388.00080
TE Alfredo Finley121111.000110
WR Mack Gardner1311.00010
RB Gabe Andrews111212.001120
RB Diego Sutherland11-1-1.000-10
TE Darien Benson0100.00000

Interception Statistics

New OrleansIntsYardsAvgTD
S Jace Fence11515.000
New EnglandIntsYardsAvgTD

Fumble Statistics

New OrleansFumbRecovForceTD
Earnest Koslosky1000
New EnglandFumbRecovForceTD
Roger Humphrey0100
Phillip Benton0010

Punting Statistics

New OrleansPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Darrell Van Pelt735550.742.1644
New EnglandPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Marcus Holmes627445.738.3511

Kicking Statistics

New OrleansFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
O.J. Thomas2/22/20/0481/1
New EnglandFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Russell Strickland2/21/10/0474/4

Punt Return Statistics

New OrleansRetYardsAvgTD
Kerry Washington5244.80
New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen46015.00

Kick Return Statistics

New OrleansRetYardsAvgTD
Nicky Ruth410626.50
New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen23819.00
Denzel Humphrey13131.00

Defensive Statistics

New OrleansTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
ILB Derek Dorey1240.03027
DT Stan Reynolds510.02938
S Mickey King500.02632
OLB Butch Farrell400.02831
S Darrin Spector400.01214
DT Cody Meadows330.02829
S Devonte Luzio310.03433
CB Mark Flynn310.01316
S Jackson Gerhardt300.01820
ILB Carlton Conley300.02419
OLB Chandler Madison210.01319
CB Les Stargell200.0813
S Jace Fence120.01916
CB Don Schroeder110.01117
DE Tommy Walton110.03227
CB Kerry Washington110.02323
DE Bryce Thomason100.01722
New EnglandTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
ILB Hunter Briggs710.02042
OLB Reuben Cassidy632.02144
S Phillip Benton610.02144
S Jerry Fazande520.01633
S Carson Sims400.01940
CB Alex Stoermer400.01840
CB Kelly Trunsky300.0715
DE Stanley Strong221.01537
OLB Zachary Benoot210.046
CB Elliot Blade200.01425
DE Phillip Walker200.01637
TE Jerry Ellard10---------
DT Johnathan DiMaggio100.01533
OLB Dominic Poston100.0515
DT Trent Farley010.068

Pass Rush Statistics

New OrleansSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DT Stan Reynolds0.003238
OLB Butch Farrell0.002031
DT Cody Meadows0.001029
New EnglandSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
OLB Reuben Cassidy2.000044
DE Stanley Strong1.001037
DT Johnathan DiMaggio0.010033
DE Phillip Walker0.002137
CB Alex Stoermer0.001040
DT Roger Humphrey0.000141

Pass Defense Statistics

New OrleansCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
S Mickey King41032
ILB Derek Dorey31027
CB Mark Flynn30016
S Darrin Spector30014
S Jackson Gerhardt21020
CB Don Schroeder20017
CB Les Stargell20013
S Devonte Luzio10033
CB Kerry Washington10023
OLB Chandler Madison10019
ILB Carlton Conley10019
S Jace Fence00116
New EnglandCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
S Carson Sims31040
S Phillip Benton31044
OLB Reuben Cassidy30044
S Jerry Fazande30033
CB Alex Stoermer23040
CB Elliot Blade21025
OLB Zachary Benoot2006
CB Kelly Trunsky20015
OLB Dominic Poston10015
ILB Hunter Briggs10042

Blocking Statistics

New OrleansKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Hugh Willis26021144
Tom Lewis23021044
Monty Meadows13021044
Doug Finneran110907
Orlando Taliancich02010019
Clarence Florez01021244
Blake Costa0108015
New EnglandKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Joe Castillo38035038
Bart Buckley36018027
Alejandro Joe16035038
Mercury Henry16035038
Marcus Stephens13017011
Alfredo Finley12024014
Jerry Ellard01017028
Emmett Tousha01017011

Special Teams Tackles

New OrleansTacklesSTPlays
Stan Reynolds313
Weston Burroughs126
Broderick Sheldon118
Mickey King116
Monty Meadows19
New EnglandTacklesSTPlays
Roger Humphrey321
Mack Gardner226
Phillip Benton126
Will Holliday123
Jerry Fazande118
Denzel Humphrey111


New OrleansRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Stan Reynolds------29381380
Earnest Koslosky1640------1975
Monty Meadows2144------974
Hugh Willis2144------974
Tom Lewis2144------974
Mickey King------26321674
Devonte Luzio------3433471
Clarence Florez2144---------65
Kerry Washington------23231763
Francisco Long1635------1263
Butch Farrell------2831160
Tommy Walton------3227160
Derek Dorey------3027259
Cody Meadows------2829158
Carlton Conley------24191457
Ethan McDonald1334------653
Nicky Ruth1427------1152
Blake Costa815------2649
Bryce Thomason------1722140
Jackson Gerhardt------1820139
Tommy Arnold1028---------38
Orlando Taliancich1019------938
Jace Fence------1916237
Broderick Sheldon------991836
Griffin Wallace1125---------36
Sherman McDougall1019------736
Miles Humphries1121------234
Chandler Madison------1319234
Juan Brandon1023---------33
Don Schroeder------1117230
Mark Flynn------1316---29
Weston Burroughs00------2626
Darrin Spector------1214---26
Roger Freeman------032326
Les Stargell------813122
Doug Finneran97------117
Rodolfo Peterson------53715
Kelly Phillip------26715
Ralph Maxwell58---------13
Todd Jacobs------41611
Mo Stevens00------99
Cameron Starks25---------7
Darrell Van Pelt00------77
O.J. Thomas00------66
Tevin Kemp22------15
Matthew Majka------00---0
New EnglandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Phillip Benton------21442691
Roger Humphrey------20412182
Alejandro Joe3538------881
Joe Castillo3538------881
Mercury Henry3538------881
Reuben Cassidy------2144368
Mack Gardner2021------2667
Jerry Fazande------16331867
Alfredo Finley2414------2664
Hunter Briggs------2042264
Garrett Resnick2828------561
Carson Sims------1940160
Stanley Strong------1537860
Alex Stoermer------1840159
Ruben Ogden2017------1956
Arnold Reid2432---------56
Phillip Walker------1637---53
Pat Vilnit1827------853
Gino Clark2624---------50
Johnathan DiMaggio------1533---48
Jerry Ellard1728---------45
Bart Buckley1827---------45
Elliot Blade------1425241
Denzel Humphrey1019------1140
Mitchell Webster1221------437
Dominic Poston------5151737
Marcus Stephens1711---------28
Emmett Tousha1711---------28
Will Holliday------132327
Kelly Trunsky------715224
Zachary Benoot------461020
Kyle Brooks------512219
Diego Barnes116------219
Gabe Andrews810---------18
Clifton Walljasper------78217
Trent Farley------68216
Donald Hansen12------1114
Bob Lynn23------914
Diego Sutherland72---------9
Russell Strickland00------99
J.R. Harris00------88
Marcus Holmes00------66
Gustavo Turnbull------11---2
Darien Benson01---------1
Otis Sikma00---------0
Ernest Prescott------00---0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

New OrleansAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Juan Brandon21152111210
Miles Humphries2070335210
New EnglandAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Arnold Reid32193412620
Diego Barnes640001001

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)108414.1
Medium (9-18 Yds)135483.7
Long (19+ Yds)5000.0
Short (0-8 Yds)20141025.1
Medium (9-18 Yds)115444.0
Long (19+ Yds)649015.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

New OrleansTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Earnest Koslosky92317040
RB Francisco Long97064135
WR Nicky Ruth72031127
WR Tommy Arnold4306028
WR Sherman McDougall43014019
TE Blake Costa32019015
TE Ethan McDonald31110034
TE Doug Finneran1101307
RB Cameron Starks110605
New EnglandTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Mitchell Webster86059021
RB Gino Clark53019024
TE Jerry Ellard54041128
WR Ruben Ogden53155217
WR Garrett Resnick42031028
WR Denzel Humphrey3108019
WR Mack Gardner3101021
TE Alfredo Finley21011014
RB Gabe Andrews11012010
RB Diego Sutherland110-102
TE Darien Benson100001

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

New OrleansAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Francisco Long2157.504.44
Juan Brandon155.007.00
New EnglandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Gino Clark144.003.95
Gabe Andrews1-4-4.004.25
Arnold Reid177.004.00

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

New OrleansAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Juan Brandon97323.565.71
New EnglandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Arnold Reid42164.005.75
Diego Barnes111616.008.67

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

New OrleansTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
RB Francisco Long3282.677.11
WR Tommy Arnold2242.001.50
WR Earnest Koslosky2194.501.89
RB Cameron Starks1166.006.00
WR Nicky Ruth1155.004.43
New EnglandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Garrett Resnick111212.007.75
TE Alfredo Finley1000.005.50
RB Gino Clark1144.003.80
WR Mitchell Webster111616.007.38
TE Darien Benson1000.000.00

Third Down Rushing Statistics

New OrleansRushesConversions
Francisco Long21
Miles Humphries10
Nicky Ruth10
New EnglandRushesConversions
Gino Clark53
Arnold Reid21
Gabe Andrews10

Third Down Passing Statistics

New OrleansAttCompConversions
Miles Humphries632
Juan Brandon431
New EnglandAttCompConversions
Arnold Reid743
Diego Barnes100

Third Down Receiving Statistics

New OrleansTargCatchConversions
RB Francisco Long431
WR Earnest Koslosky211
TE Blake Costa110
TE Ethan McDonald100
WR Nicky Ruth100
WR Sherman McDougall111
New EnglandTargCatchConversions
RB Gino Clark221
WR Mitchell Webster200
WR Ruben Ogden222
WR Garrett Resnick100
WR Mack Gardner100

Stadium99,900 (99,900 capacity)
Upper Deck25,300 (25,300)
End Zone18,200 (18,200)
Mezzanine10,500 (10,500)
Sideline Seats16,100 (16,100)
Club Seats19,900 (19,900)
Luxury Boxes9,900 (9,900)