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New England
Green Bay

Exhibition Week 4, 2061

played in Green Bay, WI

80 degrees, rain, 4 mph wind

New England Patriots100170-27
Green Bay Packers7660-19

Scoring Summary
1Q: 13:27 GBY - Marcus Kasner 39 pass from Otis Fisher (Bernard Reed extra point)
1Q: 10:49 NED - Wesley Wolf 9 run (Javier Clinton extra point)
1Q: 03:40 NED - Javier Clinton 50 field goal
2Q: 13:50 GBY - Bernard Reed 48 field goal
2Q: 00:16 GBY - Bernard Reed 56 field goal
3Q: 14:23 GBY - Bradley Harward 51 interception return (Bernard Reed extra point failed)
3Q: 08:35 NED - Javier Clinton 37 field goal
3Q: 03:04 NED - Donald Hansen 6 pass from Giovanni Nord (Javier Clinton extra point)
3Q: 01:29 NED - Donnell Keegan 18 run (Javier Clinton extra point)

Team StatisticsNEDGBY
First Downs209
- by Rushing73
- by Passing115
- by Penalty21
Total Net Yards313188
- Offensive Plays7056
- Yards per Play4.473.36
Net Rushing Yards9353
- Rushing Attempts2824
- Yards per Rush3.322.21
Net Passing Yards220135
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt39 - 23 - 231 - 17 - 1
- Gross Passing Yards243140
- Sacks/Yards Lost3/231/5
- Yards per Pass Play5.244.22
3rd Down Conversions5/173/14
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down10.57.9
4th Down Conversions0/00/0
Punt Returns/Yards6/834/7
Kick Returns/Yards3/1035/126
Interception Ret./Yards1/02/51
2pt Conversions0/00/0
Red Zone Visits20
- Red Zone TDs/FGs2/00/0
Avg. Drive StartOWN 37OWN 28
Time of Possession34:0125:59

Drive Charts

New England Patriots
113:092:27OWN 46454Touchdown
17:203:47OWN 20947Field Goal
213:422:58OWN 25613Punt
29:391:53OWN 4439Punt
25:481:47OWN 3232Punt
22:321:04OWN 33619Punt
20:090:09OWN 261-2Half
315:000:47OWN 4730Interception
314:132:14OWN 2538Punt
311:222:55OPP 43623Field Goal
36:353:40OWN 34766Touchdown
31:290:13OPP 18118Touchdown
415:002:24OWN 25410Punt
411:080:55OWN 3835Punt
45:593:07OWN 45612Interception
41:511:51OWN 2454Game
Green Bay Packers
115:001:51OWN 49451Touchdown
110:423:22OWN 44516Punt
13:334:51OWN 35934Field Goal
210:441:05OWN 638Punt
27:461:58OWN 2034Punt
24:011:29OWN 1438Punt
21:281:19OWN 20541Field Goal
311:590:37OWN 372-5Interception
38:271:52OWN 2535Punt
32:551:26OWN 1825Fumble
31:161:16OWN 3434Punt
412:361:28OWN 2630Punt
410:131:43OWN 338Punt
48:302:31OPP 4268Missed FG
42:521:01OWN 3536Punt

Game MVP: Donnell Keegan, New England Patriots

Rushing Statistics

New EnglandAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Donnell Keegan17563.291831
Wesley Wolf4205.00901
Damian Roberts341.33900
Giovanni Nord331.00600
Isaac Ficken11010.001010
Green BayAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Harrison Crichlow16221.38700
Otis Fisher4194.751110
Terrence Patmon4123.00700

Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Giovanni Nord31171793/23128255.7
Isaac Ficken86640/0021097.9
Green BayAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Otis Fisher17121110/01390107.7
Eddie Freese145291/5016114.6

Receiving Statistics

New EnglandCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
TE Luther Banfield68579.507200
WR Donald Hansen5106312.6016281
WR Cornelius Calciano23168.008130
WR Jeffery Rasmussen223417.0022180
TE Billy Schilz22189.00490
WR Alex Ezell24157.50180
RB Donnell Keegan1288.001080
WR Gregory Brush1155.00050
WR Henry Samuels1466.00060
TE Alonzo Sutton112121.0020210
RB Wesley Wolf0100.00000
RB Damian Roberts0100.00000
Green BayCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Marcus Kasner798211.7149391
TE Tommie Plank3882.67060
RB Harrison Crichlow2531.50030
WR Jace Edwards242412.0010160
TE Preston Newland111515.003150
TE Lawrence Pravato1133.00030
RB Terrence Patmon1155.00050
WR Christopher LeBlond0200.00000

Interception Statistics

New EnglandIntsYardsAvgTD
S Connor Giles100.000
Green BayIntsYardsAvgTD
ILB Arturo Kramer100.000
CB Bradley Harward15151.001

Fumble Statistics

New EnglandFumbRecovForceTD
Donald Hansen1000
Christopher Heyward0100
Braxton Noa0010
Green BayFumbRecovForceTD
Harrison Crichlow1000
Broderick Farr0100
Arturo Kramer0010

Punting Statistics

New EnglandPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Zane Thaphituck733347.640.9603
Green BayPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Tucker Lynn944349.237.8623

Kicking Statistics

New EnglandFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Javier Clinton2/21/11/1503/3
Green BayFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Bernard Reed2/32/31/2561/2

Punt Return Statistics

New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen68313.80
Green BayRetYardsAvgTD
Bradley Harward471.80

Kick Return Statistics

New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen310334.30
Green BayRetYardsAvgTD
Terrence Patmon35919.70
Jerald Willis26733.50

Defensive Statistics

New EnglandTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
OLB Braxton Noa711.01720
OLB Hayden Alston610.02230
CB Miles Massicott420.02332
CB Tyrus Bradley400.01426
S Elijah Mortensen310.01622
S Connor Giles230.02332
DT Christopher Heyward210.02131
ILB Alonzo Minnig210.01318
DE Rusty Strong200.02031
DE Darryl Derosa200.0119
CB Julian Newsome200.01110
ILB Abel White120.01015
DT Trent Farley110.01929
DE Braden Cardona110.0812
TE Billy Schilz10---------
ILB Rusty Hodel100.020
CB Pete Rivera100.01318
S Jamal Clayton010.0910
Green BayTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
CB Jerald Willis911.02842
S Winston Stensrud530.02841
OLB Jay Powers530.02839
ILB Arturo Kramer430.02437
S Reuben Lindsay420.02842
CB Bradley Harward400.02841
OLB Arnold Dancer310.02132
DT Alex Carr310.02637
CB Bernie Cole300.01930
DT Winfred Donovan211.02842
DE Terrell Copeland201.02232
ILB Kenyon Wheeler210.067
DE Heath Bradley110.01120
RB Harrison Crichlow10---------
TE Lawrence Pravato10---------
DE Marco Alcott100.078
CB Winston Cole100.002
ILB Gavin Castillo010.025

Pass Rush Statistics

New EnglandSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
OLB Braxton Noa1.000020
DE Rusty Strong0.011031
DT Trent Farley0.010029
DE Braden Cardona0.001012
OLB Hayden Alston0.001030
Green BaySackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DE Terrell Copeland1.010032
DT Winfred Donovan1.000242
CB Jerald Willis1.000042
DE Heath Bradley0.010020
OLB Arnold Dancer0.002032
DT Alex Carr0.002037
OLB Jay Powers0.001139
DE Marco Alcott0.00108

Pass Defense Statistics

New EnglandCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
CB Miles Massicott42032
OLB Hayden Alston32030
S Connor Giles20132
CB Tyrus Bradley20026
OLB Braxton Noa20020
CB Julian Newsome10010
S Elijah Mortensen10022
CB Pete Rivera10018
ILB Abel White10015
Green BayCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
CB Bradley Harward41141
CB Jerald Willis40042
OLB Arnold Dancer30032
S Winston Stensrud30041
ILB Arturo Kramer21137
ILB Kenyon Wheeler2007
CB Bernie Cole10030
DE Terrell Copeland10032
DE Marco Alcott1008
OLB Jay Powers10039
CB Winston Cole1002

Blocking Statistics

New EnglandKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Bart Buckley36028042
Pat Vilnit35016022
Sammy Bratsch23012020
Jimmy Donaldson13028142
Vince Bauer03028142
Kendrick Griffin03012020
Abraham Vender0105013
Norbert Henry00016122
Green BayKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Seth Carter16024032
Chad Lester13014017
Mickey Berry12010015
Ruben McClover04024032
Bryan Craig02010115
Tommie Plank02016020
Logan Castillo02024032
Broderick Farr01014017

Special Teams Tackles

New EnglandTacklesSTPlays
Connor Giles430
Jeffery Rasmussen229
Miles Massicott218
Gregory Brush129
Green BayTacklesSTPlays
Arturo Kramer316
Winston Stensrud216
Arnold Dancer129
Lawrence Pravato129
Harrison Crichlow114
Bernard Reed18


New EnglandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Connor Giles------23323085
Hayden Alston------22302981
Vince Bauer2842------979
Miles Massicott------23321873
Bart Buckley2842---------70
Jimmy Donaldson2842---------70
Rusty Strong------20311768
Donald Hansen1829------2067
Christopher Heyward------21311264
Tyrus Bradley------14262262
Giovanni Nord2334------259
Gregory Brush1015------2954
Jeffery Rasmussen916------2954
Luther Banfield2128------554
Trent Farley------1929351
Donnell Keegan2025------651
Pat Vilnit1622------947
Norbert Henry1622------947
Alex Ezell1115------2046
Kendrick Griffin1220------941
Abraham Vender513------2240
Elijah Mortensen------1622240
Braxton Noa------1720239
Henry Samuels1419------538
Pete Rivera------1318334
Alonzo Minnig------1318233
Sammy Bratsch1220---------32
Braden Cardona------812929
Abel White------1015126
Julian Newsome------1110122
Darryl Derosa------119121
Billy Schilz912---------21
Jamal Clayton------910120
Cornelius Calciano811---------19
Alonzo Sutton610---------16
Wesley Wolf58---------13
Isaac Ficken58---------13
Damian Roberts49---------13
Troy Horton00------99
Edward Amos------62---8
Javier Clinton00------88
Zane Thaphituck00------77
Corbin Morrison------43---7
Paul Kubler------2215
Rusty Hodel------20---2
Nate Zgonina------00---0
Green BayRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Reuben Lindsay------28422090
Winston Stensrud------28411685
Arnold Dancer------21322982
Jerald Willis------2842878
Bradley Harward------2841978
Arturo Kramer------24371677
Winfred Donovan------2842272
Jay Powers------2839269
Seth Carter2432------1268
Logan Castillo2432------1268
Alex Carr------2637164
Terrell Copeland------2232963
Harrison Crichlow1825------1457
Lawrence Pravato1018------2957
Ruben McClover2432---------56
Marcus Kasner2431------156
Jace Edwards2130------152
Bernie Cole------1930251
Chad Lester1417------1243
Broderick Farr1417------1243
Larry Sanderson75------3042
Jamie Wilkes612------2038
Tommie Plank1620------137
Heath Bradley------1120132
Otis Fisher1417---------31
Christopher LeBlond97------1026
Eddie Freese1015---------25
Bryan Craig1015---------25
Mickey Berry1015---------25
Terrence Patmon67------619
Wade Sloane------001616
Mitchell Horn------25815
Marco Alcott------78---15
Kenyon Wheeler------67114
Vince Humphries------001212
Ty Meraz00------1212
Tucker Lynn00------1212
Winston Cole------0279
Preston Newland35---------8
Bernard Reed00------88
Gavin Castillo------2518
Troy Webster00---------0
Norman Kearse------00---0
Jameson Janzen00---------0
Justin Alcott00---------0
Larry Smith00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Giovanni Nord31172222532
Isaac Ficken861000100
Green BayAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Otis Fisher17121113000
Eddie Freese1450111301

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)24151365.7
Medium (9-18 Yds)95657.2
Long (19+ Yds)41287.0
Short (0-8 Yds)1512674.5
Medium (9-18 Yds)93707.8
Long (19+ Yds)1000.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Donald Hansen105063129
TE Luther Banfield86057128
WR Henry Samuels4106019
WR Alex Ezell42115015
WR Cornelius Calciano32016011
RB Donnell Keegan2108025
WR Jeffery Rasmussen22034016
TE Billy Schilz22018012
WR Gregory Brush1105015
RB Wesley Wolf100008
RB Damian Roberts101009
TE Alonzo Sutton11021110
Green BayTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Marcus Kasner97082131
TE Tommie Plank8308020
RB Harrison Crichlow5213025
WR Jace Edwards42024030
WR Christopher LeBlond201007
TE Preston Newland1101505
TE Lawrence Pravato1103018
RB Terrence Patmon110507

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

New EnglandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Donnell Keegan22311.503.29
Wesley Wolf199.005.00
Green BayAttYardsAvgOverall Avg

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Giovanni Nord22147.005.77
Isaac Ficken1199.008.00
Green BayAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Donald Hansen1166.006.30
RB Donnell Keegan1188.004.00
TE Billy Schilz1199.009.00
Green BayTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg

Third Down Rushing Statistics

New EnglandRushesConversions
Giovanni Nord20
Damian Roberts10
Green BayRushesConversions
Otis Fisher21
Harrison Crichlow10
Terrence Patmon11

Third Down Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompConversions
Giovanni Nord1284
Isaac Ficken211
Green BayAttCompConversions
Eddie Freese731
Otis Fisher330

Third Down Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargCatchConversions
TE Luther Banfield432
WR Henry Samuels310
WR Alex Ezell211
WR Donald Hansen110
WR Cornelius Calciano110
RB Donnell Keegan100
WR Gregory Brush111
WR Jeffery Rasmussen111
Green BayTargCatchConversions
WR Marcus Kasner430
RB Harrison Crichlow100
TE Tommie Plank100
WR Jace Edwards111
TE Lawrence Pravato110
RB Terrence Patmon110
WR Christopher LeBlond100

Stadium38,100 (73,000 capacity)
Upper Deck9,400 (20,600)
End Zone7,400 (14,800)
Mezzanine4,400 (8,600)
Sideline Seats6,600 (13,100)
Club Seats3,100 (6,000)
Luxury Boxes7,200 (9,900)