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Thread: 2048 Predict Your Season

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    FORMER PHI OWNER tzach's Avatar
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    Mar 2017

    2048 Predict Your Season

    I thought that it would be fun to collect season predictions in one thread, and see how good (bad) we are at that. Jump in and add yours.

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    FORMER PHI OWNER tzach's Avatar
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    Mar 2017
    Last year we went 10-6 and played deep in the postseason. This year looks like one of those 7-9 years that he have had, as the offense looks stalled with our new Smashmouth OC.

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    Mar 2017
    In the 7 seasons that I've been here I've gone 9-7 4 times. So I would like to say 9-7 but my defense has me guessing 6-10 this year. It's really, really bad.

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    Detroit Lions
    2057 RECORD: (11-4-1)

    PASS: L Fulcher (4,079)
    RUSH: A Kemp (1,218) (#10)
    REC: G Diaz (1,059)
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    This is likely our last hurrah on top of the division. Trading away picks means we're aging, but talented. Then I completely wiffed on this past draft thanks to traveling.
    Riding the Detroit rollercoaster since 2013! (On vacation 2039-2040.)

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    Kansas City Chiefs
    2050 RECORD: (5-11-0)

    PASS: E Moore (2,659)
    RUSH: C Gardner (958)
    REC: J Hodges (1,019)
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    I'm gonna say we rebound a little bit, but my teams are usually not great. Maybe 7-9 or 8-8. We could go 5-11 or 6-10 like we usually do

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    New England Patriots
    2057 RECORD: (7-9-0)

    PASS: D Barnes (3,404)
    RUSH: B Finley (1,525) (#5)
    REC: D Hansen (1,578) (#7)

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    Jan 2013

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    Dallas Cowboys
    2057 RECORD: (9-7-0)

    PASS: A Compton (4,430) (#10)
    RUSH: T Mooring (636)
    REC: M Sellers (1,512) (#8)
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    6-10 for the worst season under my ownership. I don't have a QB that can carry a team and without the support of a strong rushing attack our days of competing for the division are in the rear view mirror for the moment.

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    Traded off a bunch of guys, thinking we end up 10-6.

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    Chicago Bears
    2057 RECORD: (4-12-0)

    PASS: G Finch (3,476)
    RUSH: R Jamison (858)
    REC: D Lake (1,459)
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    Jul 2015
    We're due to rebound after 2 seasons where we've underachieved, which I've put down to poor gameplanning as my roster is fairly solid. I've had a bit more time to gameplan the last couple of evenings, so if we suck again this season I'll be pretty annoyed.

    Hoping for 10+ wins, expecting no more than 8...

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    Washington Redskins
    2057 RECORD: (12-4-0)

    PASS: R Crawford (4,876) (#3)
    RUSH: H Watson (643)
    REC: J Bensen (1,659) (#5)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren29 View Post
    Hoping for 10+ wins, expecting no more than 8...
    Ditto. I haven't been that happy with the past few off-seasons

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