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New England
St. Louis

Exhibition Week 3, 2061

played in St. Louis, MO

66 degrees, fair, calm

New England Patriots3390-15
St. Louis Rams71000-17

Scoring Summary
1Q: 07:47 NED - Javier Clinton 22 field goal
1Q: 03:09 STL - Roosevelt Giles 26 pass from Everett Pariso (Norman Andersen extra point)
2Q: 09:37 NED - Javier Clinton 27 field goal
2Q: 02:00 STL - Norman Andersen 19 field goal
2Q: 01:47 STL - Winston Olson 28 interception return (Norman Andersen extra point)
3Q: 12:15 NED - Tyrus Bradley 23 interception return (Javier Clinton extra point failed)
3Q: 04:04 NED - Javier Clinton 33 field goal

Team StatisticsNEDSTL
First Downs1514
- by Rushing55
- by Passing67
- by Penalty42
Total Net Yards195262
- Offensive Plays7160
- Yards per Play2.754.37
Net Rushing Yards9271
- Rushing Attempts1927
- Yards per Rush4.842.63
Net Passing Yards103191
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt49 - 25 - 228 - 16 - 3
- Gross Passing Yards121216
- Sacks/Yards Lost3/185/25
- Yards per Pass Play1.985.79
3rd Down Conversions4/184/13
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.910.5
4th Down Conversions0/10/0
Punt Returns/Yards4/773/16
Kick Returns/Yards4/834/94
Interception Ret./Yards3/292/39
2pt Conversions0/00/0
Red Zone Visits32
- Red Zone TDs/FGs0/31/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 39OWN 26
Time of Possession31:5528:05

Drive Charts

New England Patriots
115:007:21OWN 171378Field Goal
12:582:08OWN 323-1Punt
214:062:26OWN 47615Punt
210:461:15OPP 34524Field Goal
26:321:15OWN 203-9Punt
21:540:20OWN 2310Interception
21:340:57OWN 3633Punt
314:141:59OPP 375-5Punt
310:350:44OPP 4535Interception
39:055:07OWN 28956Field Goal
30:513:58OWN 10723Punt
410:140:55OWN 3731Punt
47:380:49OPP 4330Punt
44:190:56OPP 393-7Punt
41:501:02OWN 34511Downs
St. Louis Rams
17:394:41OWN 40860Touchdown
10:501:44OWN 273-10Punt
211:400:54OWN 3426Interception
29:312:59OWN 31630Punt
25:173:23OWN 40658Field Goal
20:370:37OWN 1929Half
315:000:46OWN 2533Punt
312:150:08OWN 2010Interception
312:071:32OWN 29219Interception
39:510:46OWN 4634Punt
33:583:07OWN 33618Punt
411:531:39OWN 1932Punt
49:191:41OWN 15433Fumble
46:492:30OWN 203-2Punt
43:231:33OWN 7511Punt
40:480:48OPP 452-4Game

Game MVP: Christopher Heyward, New England Patriots

Rushing Statistics

New EnglandAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Donnell Keegan9303.331010
Wesley Wolf5357.001920
Isaac Ficken3279.001110
Damian Roberts200.00200
St. LouisAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Kerry Donovan17422.471420
Cooper Mayo5102.00900
Irv Lazuka4112.751210
Melvin Salazar188.00800

Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Giovanni Nord3717872/13023230.4
Isaac Ficken128341/5018070.1
St. LouisAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Irv Lazuka23121452/6039332.2
Everett Pariso54713/191400158.3

Receiving Statistics

New EnglandCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
TE Luther Banfield610223.67190
WR Donald Hansen46184.500150
RB Donnell Keegan48133.258110
TE Billy Schilz35206.67290
WR Cornelius Calciano2331.50230
WR Gregory Brush1500.00000
WR Jeffery Rasmussen1355.00050
WR Henry Samuels132323.0013230
WR Alex Ezell1333.00030
RB Damian Roberts11-4-4.000-40
TE Alonzo Sutton111818.0013180
RB Wesley Wolf0100.00000
St. LouisCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Melvin Salazar51012024.0041400
WR Tim Farr454812.0016190
TE Toby Furrey22126.00070
WR Billy McClimans2342.00050
WR Roosevelt Giles223316.5018261
FB Craig Poston12-1-1.000-10
RB Kerry Donovan0100.00000
TE Geoff Preston0300.00000

Interception Statistics

New EnglandIntsYardsAvgTD
CB Miles Massicott263.000
CB Tyrus Bradley12323.001
St. LouisIntsYardsAvgTD
CB Robert Kramer11111.000
ILB Winston Olson12828.001

Fumble Statistics

New EnglandFumbRecovForceTD
Donnell Keegan1000
Christopher Heyward0100
Vince Bauer0100
Jeffery Rasmussen0010
Miles Massicott0010
St. LouisFumbRecovForceTD
Billy McClimans1000
Kerry Donovan1000
Moe Sanford0100
Graham Payton0010

Punting Statistics

New EnglandPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Zane Thaphituck940344.838.6536
St. LouisPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Ben Lyle833341.629.5542

Kicking Statistics

New EnglandFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Javier Clinton3/30/00/0330/1
St. LouisFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Norman Andersen1/10/00/0192/2

Punt Return Statistics

New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen47719.30
St. LouisRetYardsAvgTD
Billy McClimans3165.30

Kick Return Statistics

New EnglandRetYardsAvgTD
Donald Hansen24824.00
Henry Samuels23517.50
St. LouisRetYardsAvgTD
Tim Farr37023.30
Jared Wells12424.00

Defensive Statistics

New EnglandTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
OLB Hayden Alston730.02630
DE Rusty Strong511.02328
DT Christopher Heyward422.02532
ILB Alonzo Minnig411.02023
CB Miles Massicott410.02733
DE Edward Amos301.02327
S Connor Giles310.02730
OLB Braxton Noa310.01926
CB Tyrus Bradley220.01922
CB Julian Newsome210.02122
S Elijah Mortensen210.01825
DE Braden Cardona200.078
CB Pete Rivera200.068
ILB Abel White200.0812
TE Luther Banfield10---------
DT Trent Farley010.069
St. LouisTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
OLB Stan Anthony710.51947
DE Julio Curtis501.51849
DT Norbert Barber500.01849
ILB Buddy Bernstein420.0735
CB Levi Barnes420.01952
CB Robert Kramer410.01442
CB Ricardo Hodges400.0937
OLB Clarence Baxter230.0717
S Graham Payton220.01040
OLB Josue Malone210.0935
ILB Winston Olson210.01115
WR Melvin Salazar20---------
S Albert Hill200.01114
DE Dustin Hampton101.01040
S Cesar Howe120.01750
DT Moe Sanford110.01117
WR Billy McClimans10---------

Pass Rush Statistics

New EnglandSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DT Christopher Heyward2.002132
DE Rusty Strong1.001128
DE Edward Amos1.000227
ILB Alonzo Minnig1.000023
DT Trent Farley0.00019
St. LouisSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DE Julio Curtis1.512049
DE Dustin Hampton1.001240
OLB Stan Anthony0.501047
DT Norbert Barber0.011249
OLB Clarence Baxter0.010017
DT Moe Sanford0.002017

Pass Defense Statistics

New EnglandCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
OLB Hayden Alston31030
S Connor Giles21030
CB Miles Massicott20233
OLB Braxton Noa20026
DE Braden Cardona2008
CB Tyrus Bradley11122
ILB Alonzo Minnig11023
CB Julian Newsome10022
CB Pete Rivera1008
ILB Abel White10012
St. LouisCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
CB Ricardo Hodges41037
CB Robert Kramer31142
ILB Buddy Bernstein31035
CB Levi Barnes22052
OLB Stan Anthony21047
DT Norbert Barber20049
OLB Clarence Baxter20017
OLB Josue Malone11035
ILB Winston Olson10115
DE Julio Curtis10049
S Graham Payton10040
S Cesar Howe10050
DE Sergio Porcher10019
S Albert Hill10014

Blocking Statistics

New EnglandKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Vince Bauer23019152
Sammy Bratsch14012121
Jimmy Donaldson13019052
Pat Vilnit1207031
Kendrick Griffin11012021
Bart Buckley03019152
St. LouisKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Noah Burks39027133
Ralph Sierra15027033
Antoine Clancy14027033
Jeff Tucker11016016
Samuel Beckam110201
Lincoln Eatherton01011317
Kenny Schwartz01011017
Martin Bazan01016016
Toby Furrey00012121

Special Teams Tackles

New EnglandTacklesSTPlays
Jeffery Rasmussen429
Hayden Alston127
Connor Giles126
Donald Hansen117
St. LouisTacklesSTPlays
Cooper Mayo512
Cesar Howe115
Antoine Clancy19
Ralph Sierra19


New EnglandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Connor Giles------27302683
Hayden Alston------26302783
Vince Bauer1952------1283
Miles Massicott------27331474
Bart Buckley1952---------71
Jimmy Donaldson1952---------71
Christopher Heyward------2532966
Donald Hansen934------1760
Jeffery Rasmussen1119------2959
Tyrus Bradley------19221758
Gregory Brush421------2954
Rusty Strong------2328152
Luther Banfield939------452
Donnell Keegan937------551
Edward Amos------2327151
Giovanni Nord939------351
Pat Vilnit731------1250
Norbert Henry731------1250
Braxton Noa------1926146
Kendrick Griffin1221------1245
Alex Ezell1014------2145
Julian Newsome------2122144
Elijah Mortensen------1825144
Alonzo Minnig------2023---43
Abraham Vender416------2040
Henry Samuels628------438
Sammy Bratsch1221---------33
Braden Cardona------781126
Darryl Derosa------913123
Isaac Ficken1013---------23
Billy Schilz617---------23
Jamal Clayton------911121
Abel White------812121
Cornelius Calciano89---------17
Alonzo Sutton98---------17
Trent Farley------69---15
Wesley Wolf77---------14
Damian Roberts311---------14
Pete Rivera------68---14
Troy Horton00------1212
Zane Thaphituck00------99
Javier Clinton00------88
Nate Zgonina------0088
Corbin Morrison------2316
Paul Kubler------11---2
Rusty Hodel------10---1
St. LouisRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Cesar Howe------17501582
Levi Barnes------1952374
Graham Payton------10402171
Julio Curtis------1849370
Norbert Barber------1849269
Antoine Clancy2733------969
Robert Kramer------14421369
Ralph Sierra2733------969
Stan Anthony------1947167
Geoff Preston1921------2565
Ricardo Hodges------9371864
Kerry Donovan2223------1863
Melvin Salazar2528------962
Dustin Hampton------10401262
Noah Burks2733---------60
Tim Farr2020------1858
Buddy Bernstein------7351557
Clarence Baxter------7172852
Billy McClimans1817------1550
Irv Lazuka2425---------49
Josue Malone------935145
Moe Sanford------11171139
Lincoln Eatherton1117------937
Kenny Schwartz1117------937
Toby Furrey1221------235
Jeff Tucker1616---------32
Martin Bazan1616---------32
Sergio Porcher------1119131
Craig Poston27------1928
Winston Olson------1115---26
Roosevelt Giles817---------25
Cooper Mayo58------1225
Albert Hill------1114---25
Jared Wells------710724
Everett Pariso38---------11
Clifton Boyd00------99
Ben Lyle00------99
Tevin Wells------0426
Norman Andersen00------55
Billy Owens22---------4
Samuel Beckam21---------3
Donnie Vandeginste------10---1
Lucas Hennings00---------0
Wendell Fonda00---------0
Devonte McIntyre------00---0
Blake Binns------00---0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Giovanni Nord37171235722
Isaac Ficken1280002020
St. LouisAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Irv Lazuka23122114243
Everett Pariso542000110

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)2815903.2
Medium (9-18 Yds)11390.8
Long (19+ Yds)31155.0
Short (0-8 Yds)1791116.5
Medium (9-18 Yds)53306.0
Long (19+ Yds)226532.5

Detailed Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
TE Luther Banfield106022039
RB Donnell Keegan84013037
WR Donald Hansen64018034
WR Gregory Brush5110021
TE Billy Schilz53020017
WR Cornelius Calciano320309
WR Jeffery Rasmussen3115019
WR Henry Samuels31123128
WR Alex Ezell3103014
RB Wesley Wolf100007
RB Damian Roberts110-4011
TE Alonzo Sutton1101808
St. LouisTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Melvin Salazar1051120328
WR Tim Farr54048020
WR Billy McClimans3204017
TE Geoff Preston3000021
TE Toby Furrey22012021
FB Craig Poston210-107
WR Roosevelt Giles22033117
RB Kerry Donovan1000023

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

New EnglandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Donnell Keegan221.003.33
Wesley Wolf1-2-2.007.00
Isaac Ficken188.009.00
St. LouisAttYardsAvgOverall Avg

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Isaac Ficken3282.672.83
Giovanni Nord3141.332.35
St. LouisAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Irv Lazuka33196.336.30

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Cornelius Calciano2100.001.00
TE Billy Schilz2184.004.00
RB Donnell Keegan1144.001.63
WR Jeffery Rasmussen1000.001.67
St. LouisTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
TE Toby Furrey22126.006.00
WR Roosevelt Giles1177.0016.50

Third Down Rushing Statistics

New EnglandRushesConversions
Damian Roberts11
St. LouisRushesConversions
Kerry Donovan10
Cooper Mayo10

Third Down Passing Statistics

New EnglandAttCompConversions
Giovanni Nord1453
Isaac Ficken310
St. LouisAttCompConversions
Irv Lazuka742
Everett Pariso222

Third Down Receiving Statistics

New EnglandTargCatchConversions
WR Donald Hansen311
TE Luther Banfield311
RB Donnell Keegan210
WR Gregory Brush200
WR Jeffery Rasmussen200
WR Cornelius Calciano100
WR Henry Samuels111
TE Billy Schilz110
WR Alex Ezell100
RB Damian Roberts110
St. LouisTargCatchConversions
WR Melvin Salazar332
TE Geoff Preston200
TE Toby Furrey110
WR Billy McClimans100
WR Roosevelt Giles111
WR Tim Farr111

Stadium75,700 (78,800 capacity)
Upper Deck21,500 (22,700)
End Zone15,400 (16,300)
Mezzanine8,900 (9,400)
Sideline Seats13,900 (14,400)
Club Seats7,500 (7,500)
Luxury Boxes8,500 (8,500)