A hefty price was paid this past off season to move up to 1.2 and draft QB Nickolas Boyd. In hopes that he would become the face of the franchise and the QB to lead us in the future.

Drafting QB's in the 1st round is nothing new to us in Denver. We've done it the last few drafts in hopes of finding "that guy" to replace Elias Osborne. When we saw the two QB's in the draft, knowing they'd go 1-2, we knew we had to do something and would pay any price to do it. So we did. Three 1st round picks later, we have our guy. Boyd looked good in camp as well as in the preseason. He will step right in and start. He has Osborne to mentor him throughout, so he's in good hands.

Elias Osborne leaves his post as starter as Denver's all time leader in Quarterback Rating, Completion %, Yards/Attempt and times sacked. Not proud of that one. He's also, surprisingly, the Broncos all time leader in Yards/Carry running the ball. He carried the ball 569 times over his career averaging 6.01 YPC. While he may not have had the Hall of Fame career his predecessor Dale Banes had, it was still a pretty good career. He amassed a record of 126-85 and led the Broncos to the playoffs in 10 of his 13 seasons as a starter. As a starter, he never missed a game do to injury. 192 consecutive starts.

Osborne issued this statement regarding his new duties and teammate. "I've had a great career and I'm looking forward to helping Nicky develop into Denver's next great QB."